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BUDDHI Retreat Oil Serum

These oil serums contain beauty ingredients-rich prinsepia oil, 11 kinds of amino acid complex which enables the skin to be moisturized. Fulvic acid supports the turnover of skin, Humus extract consists of Vitamins, amino acid, and mineral that is tend to be deficient for modern people are also blended. Truly necessary nutrients are selected and delivered to skin as simple and pure. 3 kinds of scents are available depend on the condition of your body and mind on the day.


Vigor of wild roses in a field, unable to find within ordinary roses

Inspired from Nobara - a flower is strong, yet straight with a slight fragrant of fresh green. Discover cypress leading you to calm state of mind in the scent. NOBARA symbolizes a new basis for modern women living positively with suppleness, even being in no matter what circumstance they are.

To release your mind and restore to oneself

BUDDHI Retreat Oil NOBARA / 20ml ¥18,000



Scent of “Tatami” brings restfulness and rectitude

Igusa and Patchouli, the blend designed to pursuit purification refresh is just like a dose of refrigerant. Integrity of Japanese cypress within the simple scent shall take back even your ability to think to become clear. Here is the origin of all the Japanese.

To reset your feeling

BUDDHI Retreat Oil IGUSA / 20ml ¥18,000



A fragrant of Femininity

The flowery beginning from orange and petit-grain makes you feel of elation when spring has come. It brings you harmony moving slowly from muguet, neroli, musk to honey, just like tracing your femininity. The more you use it, the more it makes you feel tenderness.

To restore balance of your mind and body

BUDDHI Retreat Oil MITSU / 20ml ¥18,000

User Direction
  • 1. As a booster before applying lotion after washing your face.
  • 2. Mix a few drops to your lotion or cream
  • 3. As scalp massage oil before shampooing
  • 4. As hair treatment oil
  • 5. As body care oil
  • 6. As nail care oil

BUDDHI Treatment Oil

Dilution Oil focusing on its blending ratio

Treatment (Dilution) oil enables you to use prinsepia oil amply. Containing prinsepia oil as base oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, and jojoba oil are formulated by our original balance after many improvements made to realize the ideal spread, penetration power and moisturizing effect. Pour about 500 Japanese yen coin-sized of treatment oil (2.5ml) into the palm of one hand, mix it with a few drops of retreat beauty oil serum and apply it to your body for moisturizing care, and also as a massage oil.

BUDDHI Retreat Oil KISHAKU / 120ml ¥8,800

* to stratum corneum